Here is your opportunity to get an overview of what is happening in Europe in the field of Bioplastics. We will have a discussion about both the present and the future. Join us! 


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But as it is free of charge, you can use the link below to watch the webinar without registering.

The streaming starts just before 14.00 (CEST), Wednesday, June 2.

Follow the link below and join us!


Date: Thursday, June 2, 2022.

Time: 14.00 - ca. 15.00 (CEST, Local Swedish Summer Time)

Cost: Free of charge


Short introduction from our moderator

Bo Wallteg
Nordisk Bioplastförening, nord emballage/

EU Policy Update - The Political Environment of Bioplastics

Maria Negut
Head of EU Affairs, European Bioplastics.

National Bioplastics Legislation in Europe

Dirk Wens
President of Belgian BioPackaging and member of BON Europe/European Bioplastics.




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