Welcome to The Nordic
Bioplastics Organisations 
annual meeting 2023


If you want to be on the reserve list, please contact Hans Friedsam at hans@nordiskbioplastforening.se





Wednesday, March 15


This year we can once again have a physical, open, annual meeting after two years on the Internet. 

Let´s gather for the meeting between 10.30 – 14.30 on March 15, 2023. The meeting will be held at Visutech, Lunnagårdsgatan 3, Mölndal, Sweden. 




Besides the annual meeting, we will listen to four presentations:


Fully Circular 2030 is easy to say, but hard to deliver


Come and listen to DUNI Group’s journey to becoming fully circular 2030 and how they are transforming a traditional listed company, delivering single use packaging and table top in a linear way, into a modern circular business ready for Green Deal and the Circular Economy. 

They will share why they are commited to this strategy and not least the goals, the challenges and the progress that DUNI has done.


Erland Riis Lavsen, Head of Circularity at Duni will give his view on this very actual topic.


Climate strategy with bio-based plastics in rigid packaging


In 2022, Emballator analysed its carbon footprint throughout the value chain. Significant increase in bio-based plastics is part of the climate strategy to reach the 2030 targets.
The Emballator Innovation Center was opened in June 2022 and tests with bio-based materials such as Lignin, PLA, PHA, segregated bio-PP and more will be presented.


Mats Jeppsson, Innovation Manager at Emballator.


Contributing to a humane world for the next generations


Gaia complies with UN and EU directives on future environmental requirements:
1. Using as little as possible of the earth's fossil resources
2. Reduce C02 emissions (LCA will be a significant part)
3. Can be reused for new products 
4. Create a humane world for future generations
This belongs to all of us 


Åke Rosén, Founder GAIA BioMaterials AB.



News - PHA type previously not commercially available


Edvard will give a brief overview of a type of bio-based and biodegradable polymer called Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). He will focus in particular on a type of amorphous PHA which has not been commercially available before. 


Edvard Hall, CEO Bioextrax AB.


During the meeting, we will also show our new animated film on bioplastics.



Sign up for the annual meeting in the form, and we will send you a confirmation. 

The meeting, presentations and a lunch is free of charge




Any Questions about the event? Contact:

Hans Friedsam, Chairman
+46(0)705 21 23 63, hans@nordiskbioplastforening.se

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